For Fratelli Rotta the respect for the environment it is not an abstract concept but a guiding principle applied in every organizational decision and process management choice.

Since 2010 a system for electricity generation through the use of renewable sources is active. This was possible through the installation of a fully integrated photovoltaic system consisting of 504 modules which produce about 115 kW and that guarantee the 50% of the Company industrial needs.

This enabled a saving of about 115 tons per year of carbon dioxide emissions and the disposal of the old Eternit roof.

Fratelli Rotta has decided to get the chain of custody certification for FSC®( certificato n.ICILA-COC-002629 ) e PEFC™( certificato n.ICILA-PEFCCOC-002630 ) products, and works every day to maintain it.

This ensures that products marketed come from forests that meet strict environmental, social and economic standards.

In 2015 Fratelli Rotta Company has undertaken an energy efficiency program, which will lead to a major reduction in electricity demand.


The ISO 9001 quality management system is the best known standard for monitoring and improving quality. This standard demonstrates that the certified company is able to respond coherently and comprehensively to the needs of the customer.

The ISO 9001 certification is an important milestone that confims Fratelli Rotta growth and provides an added value to its customers.

By obtaining the ISO 9001 certification, Fratelli Rotta demonstrates its ability to achieve significant and continuous improvements in terms of time and money saving, risk minimization, competitiveness, success in the market.